At Breathing Space Bodywork, your massage session is always tailored to you and your current needs; no routines here. Following a brief intake/check in, we'll choose an aromatherapy blend for your session and then you will receive the full massage-time booked. A 60-minute massage is actually 60 minutes of massage .


Relax $100

A traditional relaxation massage designed to ease your body and mind. This 60-minute session includes aspects of Swedish Massage, Indian Head massage, Joint Release and Reflexology.


Breathe $150

A 90-minute session allows for focus on specific areas of tension or pain. Deep Tissue and Shiatsu techniques are incorporated to help take the receiver to the next level of relaxation and tension relief.


Let Go $225

This luxurious 2 hour session may include aspects of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Joint Release, Indian Head Massage and Deep Flow, all choreographed into a unique treatment that will address deeper layers of tension and invoke absolute relaxation.


Baby Mama $130 / $175

This massage pampers well-deserving, expectant mothers. Extra attention is paid to all the right places: low back, legs and feet. 60 and 90 minute options available. For maximum comfort and safety, this full-body massage is received while lying on your side and your back or using a BodyChoice pregnancy pillow. Breast and belly massage are included, yet optional.


Hot Stone $175

The perfect winter or rainy day choice. In this 90-minute session, you will receive a Swedish Relaxation massage using hands and heated stones. The warmth of the stones melts your tension away.


Plus One $195 / $280

Who's your lucky 'Plus One?' Treat your favourite person to a side-by-side massage experience. 60 and 90 minute options are available. Both guests will be changing and receiving massage in the same room. THIS SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON SUNDAYS.


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